Under the law, property owners are responsible to provide a safe and secure environment for their guests, residents, tenants and customers. If a property owner failed taking appropriate measures, serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries can occur.

Years of Experience Taking a Stance Against Negligent Property Owners

Since 1986, the attorneys at The Kaplan Firm, PC have obtained justice for individuals and families put at risk from premises liability concerns and negligent security at apartment complexes, universities and other public places throughout Georgia. No type of product liability claim is too complicated for our law firm to handle. We are selective in the number of cases we take on to ensure our clients are given the attention their cases deserve. To meet with an experienced Atlanta premises liability attorney,contact our law firm for a free consultation.

Proving Fault in Premises Liability Claims

At The Kaplan Firm, PC, we are selective in the number of premises liability claims our law firm handles. This allows us to devote the right resources to investigate and determine who is liable for the injuries our clients have endured.

We can consult industry-leading experts, including engineers invaluable in helping us determine if a poorly designed building or stairway led to the accident. Part of our focus is on investigating maintenance reports to understand if, for example, an elevator or escalator was properly maintained. If your loved one was bit by an animal or attacked on someone else's property, we will look into police reports to understand if there were any prior complaints that were ignored. We review every angle possible when seeking to determine fault in all types of premises liability claims such as:

Many people are not aware that inadequate security at a hotel, apartment complex, mall, parking lot or other public places can lead to a premises liability claim. Hidden defects in property — which are known to the property manager — can be sources of liability. We conduct thorough investigations focused on determining who is responsible for the injuries you or your loved one suffered. If more than one party is at fault, we will aggressively pursue maximum compensation against them all.

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If you or a loved one was injured due to a property owner's negligence, we are ready to put our client-driven approach to work for you. Contact our premises liability lawyers today for a free consultation in Roswell, Georgia. We are available to discuss any concerns related to hazardous property or hazardous conditions.