Physician or Hospital Negligence Lawyers


Physician and hospital negligence can be confusing and remarkably stressful. After all, when a loved one is placed in the care of doctors, we assume that he or she will receive responsible, competent care. However, when physicians deliver negligent care, the consequences can be catastrophic and sometimes fatal.

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The Atlanta hospital negligence lawyers at The Kaplan Firm, PC have 30 years of experience handling physician and hospital negligence claims. We take a painstakingly thorough, highly aggressive approach when advocating for clients or their loved ones put at risk from medical malpractice. If you believe a medical professional overlooked standard procedures when treating you or your loved one, contactour law firm for a free consultation in Roswell, Georgia.

We Have the Tenacity, Skills and Resources to Get Results

Since 2001, The Kaplan Firm, PC has obtained more than $225 million in verdicts and settlements, including medical malpractice cases involving physician and hospital negligence. We have experience proving fault against hospitals for deviating from standard medical procedures resulting in:

Medical malpractice claims involving concerns of physician and/or a hospital negligence can be highly complicated to litigate. You need an experienced advocate prepared to fight relentlessly to help you obtain justice. At The Kaplan Firm, PC, this has been our focus for years. We combine our compassionate approach with our thorough understanding of medical and legal issues and our detailed preparation when pursuing results our clients deserve.

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All of our physician and hospital negligence claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining a settlement or jury verdict, then our clients owe us nothing. The hospital negligence lawyers at The Kaplan Firm, PC are committed to leaving no stone unturned and hiring the best available experts to prove our clients’ cases. To discuss any aspect of medical malpractice during a free initial consultation, call 770-552-7024 or contact us.