While doctors and medical specialists handle a great deal of medical needs and procedures, nurses too have a great deal of handling several parts of procedures. These responsibilities include but are not limited to examinations, diagnosis, post-surgical monitoring and treatment of patients, many of which are not performed under doctor supervision.

Because medical technology is getting more and more sophisticated and independent nursing practice has taken on a more concentrated role, nurses are increasingly undertaking more and more responsibility.

Unfortunately, as responsibility grows, so does the consequence of negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to nursing negligence, and experienced nursing negligence lawyers can help you better understand your situation and to what compensation you may be entitled to under law.

Georgia’s Nursing Negligence Lawyers

We are ready to put our comprehensive knowledge and experience in medical malpractice cases to work on any type of nursing malpractice case stemming from negligence in:

  • Assessment
  • Nursing diagnosis
  • Care planning
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation
  • Improper treatment
    • Failure to:
      • Prevent injuries
      • Follow the chain of command
      • Monitor a patient’s condition
      • Communicate information to physicians
      • Follow hospital policy/protocol

Our nursing negligence lawyers have undertaken some of the most complex medical malpractice cases in Georgia, obtaining more than $200 million in the process. We are ready to take our aggressive advocacy to your case to help you arrive at an ideal resolution.

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