SUV Injury Lawyers


Since 2001, the Atlanta-area law firm of Kaplan Seifter has stood up for the rights of those people injured in serious car accidents. Our SUV injury lawyers put their combined decades of experience to work now in favor of those clients injured in SUV rollovers.

Experienced SUV Injury Lawyers

Our experienced SUV injury lawyers know how to do battle with the large insurance companies and their big firm SUV injury lawyers. In fact, we have recovered more than $232 million for our clients, funds our clients have been able to use to meet the burdensome expenses they face both now and in the future.

We make it our goal to put our clients in the best position we can for the future. This means helping our clients get the care they need after a car wreck and helping them pursue the resources they need for the future.

When it comes to SUV accidents involving tipovers, our SUV injury lawyers look to a variety of potential contributors to help you carry the financial burden associated with your injuries. These sources often include other drivers, the manufacturer of the SUV, and even a governmental entity such as a city or highway department.

Seasoned Legal Judgment

Our success stems from our firm’s ongoing commitment to improvement and professional development. We not only understand what the law is, we understand how it works and the directions in which it is trending. As a result, when it comes to understanding new developments in the law or in the facts of SUV rollovers, we can adjust on the fly and deliver the representation our clients need.

To learn more about our Georgia firm, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation with experienced SUV injury lawyers. Call us at 770-552-7024 or contact us via email.