Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


At The Kaplan Firm, PC in Atlanta, Georgia, we are advocates for injured motorcyclists. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have 30 years of experience handling motorcycle accident claims, so we recognize the unique challenges that will arise. We recognize that the negligent driver is going to try to pass the blame onto the victim. We know that the insurance company is going to try to avoid paying full compensation. Experience has taught us how to overcome these challenges, as proven by the fact that we have recovered more than $232 million in compensation.

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You Are Not To Blame For The Motorcycle Crash

“I did not see the motorcycle!” That is what many negligent drivers say after they cause an auto accident that results in serious harm to a motorcyclist. We know the truth: The negligent driver simply was not looking.

We will prove negligence by conducting a thorough investigation if necessary. Preparedness is one of our key values. That means we will gather the information we need, working with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts when appropriate, to make certain we can show that, indeed, the negligent driver was not looking and caused the motorcycle rider to suffer a serious personal injury such as road rash, broken bones or even brain injuries.

Along the way, we show compassion for the victim. We do everything we can to help our client move forward with life. However, when it comes to our opponents, we are nothing less than aggressive. Our motorcycle accident lawyers prepare every case for trial. While we are certainly willing to settle, we will make certain that the insurance company understands that we are not going to back down and we are not going to settle for less than what the victim deserves. Our commitment is to maximizing compensation for motorcycle accident victims.

Free Consultations For Motorcycle Wreck Victims

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