Head, Neck & Back Injury Lawyers


Some personal injury lawyers firms shy away from handling motor vehicle crash claims perceived to be less serious than catastrophic or fatal accident claims. At The Kaplan Firm, PC in Atlanta, Georgia, that is not our approach. No case is too simple or complex for our personal injury lawyers to take on.

Experienced Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers Focused On Results

We understand the significant strain a soft tissue injury can have on your life. Simple tasks may be painful to complete or the job you once loved may no longer be a good fit. If your life has been turned upside down because of someone else’s negligent actions, our Atlanta head, neck and back injury lawyers can help you obtain justice. Contact us for a free consultation in Roswell, Georgia, to learn more about our client-focused approach.

Helping You Obtain A Full Financial Recovery

At The Kaplan Firm, PC, our personal injury lawyers have 30 years of experience advocating relentlessly for individuals put at risk from someone else’s negligent actions resulting in serious injuries such as:

  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains and broken bones

The type of pain resulting from a personal injury accident can vary greatly. At The Kaplan Firm, PC, we have handled hundreds of personal injury claims, yet we never make assumptions about what our clients have endured. We offer a hands-on approach to understand how your life has been changed since you were injured from someone else’s negligent actions. Do you experience ongoing pain? Are you no longer able to drive or are you struggling to complete your tasks at work?

We can also consult your doctor to identify the type of care you need today and long term, including any reconstructive surgery, physical therapy or any other medical care. Defining the damages stemming from soft tissue injuries can be highly complicated without an experienced lawyer on your side. At The Kaplan Firm, PC, we know how to develop a strong claim documenting the current and long-term expenses you will need to be covered in terms insurance adjusters will understand.

Contact Our Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers In Roswell

If you were injured in a personal injury accident, you shouldn’t have to question if your attorney will devote the attention your case deserves. At The Kaplan Firm, PC, we believe there is no such thing as a simple personal injury claim. We will provide your case with the attention it deserves. Contact us today in Roswell, Georgia, for a free initial consultation with experienced injury lawyers.