Distracted Driving Lawyers


As Georgia laws fight to stay ahead of technology, texting and driving has become yet another problem to manage on our roads. Yet, despite the widespread knowledge of the unreasonable dangers associated with texting and driving, drivers continue to do so.

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The law firm of The Kaplan Firm, PC has committed resources to helping clients injured by distracted driving throughout the Atlanta area. Our firm’s distracted driving lawyers hold decades of experience in helping the victims of car crashes find the resources they need in order to recover after being seriously injured in an auto accident.

They apply this experience to every distracted driving case they handle, and our firm is proud of the multiple seven-figure settlements and verdicts it has gained for its clients. In total, the firm has provided its clients with more than $232 million.

Distracted Driving: Texting, Talking On The Phone And More

But the problem is bigger than texting. Drivers today talk on the phone while they drive. They eat. They fight with their dogs.

None of those activities, however, excuse a driver who has caused you serious injury because they were too distracted to pay attention to the road. You have rights to recovery in this situation. We make it our job to protect you.

Since 2001, the law firm of The Kaplan Firm, PC has put millions of dollars to work for clients who desperately needed funds to carry the heavy financial burden associated with serious injuries. Whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, we help our clients understand how the process applies to their circumstances and how to choose wisely from the options available to them.

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