Bicycle Accident Lawyers


Bicyclists hit by cars are likely to suffer serious injuries, even when wearing helmets and other protective gear. When bike accidents are caused by the negligence of a driver, it is important that the victim choose a lawyer with the commitment to maximize compensation. At The Kaplan Firm, PC in Atlanta, Georgia, we have the commitment and experienced bicycle accident lawyers to get results for injured bike riders. This is clear in our winning record, which adds up to more than $232 million.

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Building Strong Cases For Victims Of Bicycle Injuries

Insurance companies try to pay as little as possible in motor vehicle wreck cases that result in serious harm to bike riders. The insurance adjuster will try to say that your injuries are worth less than they really are. He or she will try to get you to settle for an amount of compensation that will not be nearly enough to cover your medical bills, let alone the other expenses that resulted from your injuries.

We will not let the insurance company minimize your claim. We aggressively combat insurance companies with facts. By bringing in medical experts to analyze your case and testify to the severity of your injuries and the costs associated with recovery, we will make it clear exactly how much money you need. We will not walk away until you get that money.

In many bike accident cases, that means going to trial. Our bicycle accident lawyers will argue your case in front of a judge and jury. This is not new territory for us, and the insurance companies know it. They know that we are well-versed in courtroom arguments, and that we are skilled in making it clear to juries that full compensation must be awarded to our clients. In fact, many of our opponents settle with us because they are aware of our reputation and know that we are absolutely serious about doing what is right for our clients in bike accident claims.

Free Consultations For Bike Injury Victims

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