Motorcycle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries

Motorcycle accidents can cause catastrophic injuries

Spring is here, and many people are excited to bring their motorcycles out of winter storage. Those who enjoy motorcycles for recreation or their daily commute face risk every time they get on the road. Even if the motorcyclist is an expert rider, other drivers pose serious risk to motorcyclists. People don’t always remember to look for those on motorcycles when they turn or merge.

From 2007-2011 (the most recent years with statistics available), there were between 128 and 178 fatalities on motorcycles each year. Serious injuries are also very common in car-motorcycle crashes.

If your or someone you love has been in a serious motorcycle accident caused by someone in a larger vehicle, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can review the details of the accident and the extend of the injuries and damages caused to determine what your next step should be. In some cases, insurance will handle all the medical costs and property damages. In other cases, you may have to file a civil lawsuit to recover your losses.

Be proactive after a motorcycle accident

If you have recently been in a motorcycle accident, you should speak with an attorney right away. For everyone else planning on getting on a motorcycle this summer, be aware of how to protect yourself after an accident.

Just like with motor vehicle accidents, there are things you shouldn’t do after an accident on your motorcycle. These include apologizing, signing a settlement or any other document without an attorney present and talking to an insurance adjuster on your own. Things you should be doing immediately after a motorcycle accident include contacting an experienced personal injury attorney and seeking medical care for your injuries.

Legal help after a motorcycle accident

If you’ve been in an accident with a car or had to lay your bike down to avoid a worse accident, you probably have a lot of medical bills. You also have a bike that is totally trashed and either needs substantial repairs or total replacement. The driver who caused the accident should be held accountable. The best way to protect yourself and your finances after a motorcycle accident is to speak with an attorney who understands personal injury and motorcycle law.

Your attorney can work with your insurance company and review any settlement offered to ensure it is reasonable and fair. Your lawyer can also help you bring a civil suit against the other driver if his or her negligence, distraction or intoxication resulted in serious injuries to you.

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