Recent Cobb County accidents on I-75 involve drivers veering out of lane


Every driver has a duty to other motorists to adhere to the basic rules of safety on the road. When a driver causes an automobile accident by being distracted, ignoring traffic laws or otherwise behaving negligently, that driver – or his or her insurer – can be held responsible financially for the losses suffered by accident victims.

One particular type of roadway negligence has been unusually prevalent on a certain roadway in Cobb County in recent weeks. Within a period of a few days, two separate serious accidents occurred on I-75 in which a driver failed to maintain his or her lane.

Cobb County sheriff injured in first accident, Georgia woman killed in second

The first accident involved an unlikely victim: Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren. Sheriff Warren and the Chief Deputy Sheriff were traveling southbound on I-75 when their vehicle was impacted by a Ford pickup truck hauling a trailer. The driver of the Ford has since been formally charged with failure to maintain lane. Sheriff Warren was hospitalized and underwent surgery for a back injury. Although the sheriff is expected to return to work eventually, his injuries were serious, and he will be in recovery at home for some time.

The second accident occurred in late August, and bore a striking resemblance to the crash that injured Sheriff Warren. In this incident, two vehicle occupants – this time, a married couple – were headed south on I-75 when their vehicle was sideswiped by an SUV. This forced the victims’ vehicle off the roadway and caused it to overturn.

Unfortunately, this crash resulted in a fatality. The wife died at the scene of the accident; her husband was airlifted in critical condition to Grady Hospital. The driver of the SUV was arrested at the scene, and has been charged with failure to maintain lane as well as second degree vehicular homicide.

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These recent incidents in Cobb County show that drivers who do not stay in their lanes can cause serious injury or even death. The fact that the drivers who caused these crashes were charged for failing to stay in their lane certainly helps the chances of any eventual civil claims that may be filed by the victims or their families. But, a driver responsible for an accident need not be charged with a crime in order for victims to collect the compensation they are entitled to.

Sometimes, there may not be enough evidence to levy a criminal charge against the person who caused an accident, but the lower burden of proof in civil court means accident victims can still hold the negligent driver accountable for monetary damages. Other times, the behavior that caused the accident may not have actually been illegal, but nonetheless amounted to irresponsible driving; drivers who cause accidents or their insurers may be forced to pay victims’ damages whether or not a citation for a moving violation was issued.

If you have been injured in a crash caused by someone who veered out of his or her lane or otherwise was driving negligently, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Get in touch with a Cobb County car accident lawyer today to begin building your legal case.