The severity of rear-end collisions are often not known until long after the accident has occurred. Whiplash and other neck and spine injuries can take days or even longer to manifest themselves.

For that reason, it is important for you to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a rear-end collision. Your attorneys will use this time to investigate your case and gather the facts, such as witness statements, before memories fade with time.

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Decades Of Experience In Auto Accident Cases

Our firm’s lawyers put decades of car collision claim experience to work on each rear-end collision case we handle. In fact, since being formed in 2001, our attorneys have garnered more than $232 million for injured clients in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia.

Particularly as distracted driving issues such as cellphone usage and texting gain more and more prominence, it is all the more important for an attorney to understand how established law applies to newer technologies. We have this understanding because, not only do our attorneys understand the law as it currently stands, they understand how the law actually works and how it changes to respond to new developments such as cellphones and texting.

Seasoned Legal Judgment In Rear-end Collision Cases

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